About Us

The Mini Tractor Pullers Association was formed by members of the Australian Tractor Pullers Association (ATPA) to establish an association that focuses on the large number of Mini Modified Tractors that now compete.

We have a broad range of amazing machines that know how to put on a show for the spectators.

Some exciting new designs in Mini construction have certainly created some interesting vehicles.

The objective of the association is to promote the sport of Mini Tractor Pulling in conjunction with the aims of the ATPA, enhance the overall profile of the sport to help generate greater interest and to provide assistance to newcomers to the sport and ensure that all vehicles are built and maintained to the highest safety standards.

The MTPA is a non-profit organisation and membership is open to all, not just tractor owners/drivers.

We are always after volunteer helpers. If you are interested in joining the sport, but aren't quite ready for a tractor of your own, maybe get into the full action by helping out. We always are on the look out for scorers, track helpers, sled operators, scrutineers, commentators etc. This is the perfect opportunity to see how it all works, meet some fantastic people and have a great day out.

Contact us at: mtpa_secretary@hotmail.com
Correspondence to: 11 Howard Street, Horsham, Victoria, 3400