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Tooradin Tractor Pull 2017

I don't know what it is but if you were a farmer at the moment and you lived near a tractor pull you could nearly bank on receiving a good dose of rain just before the said event date.

Yes the competitors arrived from Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wakes to be greeted at the entrance to Rutter Reserve by a small lake of water. Luckily thanks to the hard work of the organising committee and track crew that was the worst of it.

The traditional track sides for the mini and bigger modified tractors was swapped to the benefit of some to allow for the damper conditions.

A number of the mini tractors were missing from the line up mostly due to maintenance requirements but the 25 that did attend put on a great show.

Mad Dog was one of the tractors literally roaring down the track with its new owner at the controls until the last event when the drive line failed. Madness was another tractor having a good night.

The super mini class saw a number of tractors out the end of the track which required a pull off to sort out the placing but "captain sled" (the sled operator) had a good grip on the reins to pull the mini and open class up before the 100 metre mark. The big horse power didn't mean you will get out the end tonight.

Some tractors had their issues eg. Feral Fergie, Movin'on and Hopeful had some misfire and fuel issues to attend to. Stampede had a motor ventilation issue which saw their night cut short. Jaws was even seen trying to 100 mile an hour tape a leaf blower to the intake manifold of the motor to just get that bit more.

A representative from Yella Terra even got a run down the track in Sudden Impact. He was seen smiling after so hopefully we will see him around again soon.

A Butchers Picnic was run. This is an event for novice drivers, crews and family to be able to have a run under certain regulations. This was great to see the whole family having fun at this our sport. My son keeps reminding me it won't be long before he starts doing this event and he reckons that he will be taking over the driving duties full time. Mmm we will see.

The next event on the calendar is on the 25th February in Finley NSW. We hope to see you all there.

Chris Harry.