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Quambatook 2017

Easter to some people is a couple of days off work and chocolate. To others, it is all about their beliefs and family. The rest of us, it is all of the above and tractor pulling. A lovely 25 degree day saw 24 mini modified tractors roll into the town of Quambatook Victoria for the final round of the 2-17 pulling season. As it was also the Australian Championships, there was plenty of points and trophies up for grabs.

At the start of the day there was only about 30 points separating first and second places in all the mini classes. All teams had to have their game faces on.

Maintenance could be the key as some teams did it at home and others were still doing it at the track prior to the event start. At the end of the day there were three blown diffs, a blown transmission, tyres spinning on rims, motors over fuelling and plenty of other little gremlins waiting to come out to play.

Tractors like Mad Dog, 2 Tuff, U Jack, Barneys Animal were all like the queens corgi dogs nipping at the heels of other tractors doing consistent runs all day and were more than happy to drive the tractor back onto the trailer at the end of the night. The mini modified class saw Movin On, Tossa and Ruptured Duck take out the major placings, with some times as little as 200mm separating them. The super mini class saw Little Willey and Flamin Furious hog the top two places with O Yeah and Hopeful fighting it out for the other major placings. The open mini class saw Blown Income take out the night followed by Stone cold and Who Cares.

Both tractors - Stone cold and Who Cares are up for sale for anyone who is interested in getting into a family orientated sport. Both tractors are well set up and always put on a show.

Usain Bolt runs the 100m track in around 9.5 seconds. In tractor pulling, you can take as long as you wish. It is the distance you cover that is the important bit. The people you meet on the way, and the enjoyment had is the bonus. Remember when you reach the end of the rope tie a knot in it and hang on for the ride.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Season and Congratulations to everyone. Look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM and the start of the next season.