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2018 Waaia Mini Report

One of Lee Kernaghan’s songs “Hat Town” has a part where he sings something along the line of “It has a pub, a store and not much more______ “ to an outsider they may think that describes the town of Waaia. There is another part of the song he also sings about locals passing the hat around to help others as well as being there to lend a hand, that describes the town and area of Waaia because the sponsors from the surrounding districts the committee and the helpers did a mighty fine effort putting on this event well done to get to the ten year anniversary. The weather was hot, the flies were not hanging around me, the track was a ripper with no dust and it could still have been pulled on the next morning.
Eight limited mini Modified tractors attended the event and it was great to see that the placing's were shared around throughout the field and in two of the three weight classes the whole field was within ten meters of one another.
The Super Mini class saw seven minis line up to tear up the track. The distance between first place and last place was around the twenty meter mark in this class but it is to be expected due to some limited minis being in this class due to being too heavy for their standard class and some tractors that once competed in the open class now call this class home due to the engine capacities and fuel type regulations etc. allowing them. This class is also designed to except late model motors with electronic injection the ones you can now get from the wreckers.
Three open mini “B” class tractors were out to play and two hundred millimetres separated a couple of them in one class.
No open mini “A” class tractors were in attendance.
A Butchers Picnic event was run this is designed for novice drivers eg family, sponsors etc four minis had a run allowing their crew and younger family members to have a try at our sport. I got informed that tractor pulling is easier than speedway racing because you dont have to go around corners!
Unfortunately the Blitza and the Marshal tractors blew diffs during the night and stone cold had some big engine issues which will have them under pressure to be ready for the next event the Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby on the 24th of March.
As a competitor leaving the event site Sunday morning it was nice to get the same food service in a town like Waaia as you would get in the city’s, the drive through bacon and eggs was great and I even got some nice words from the fellow competitors who were dining in ( thanks to Ross mobile catering)