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Bushy Park 2017
Some competitors arrive at the Bushy Park complex early Friday afternoon and staked their camp site claim, they may have been quite worried when around 5.30 the heavens opened up and rain came bucketing down. As for myself I was trying to exit Melbourne with all the locals as the rain was teaming down and was thinking to myself I hope the event was still on. Upon arrival I could see that the ground was swallowing up the water and by morning we would be good to go pulling. Friday scrutineering was all completed so it was time for a feed and yarn with locals and fellow competitors before hitting the sack . Upon sticking the head out of the swag first thing Saturday morning the bright sun was making it hard to focus on the extra vehicles that had arrived throughout the night and early morning . Yep bright sun means tractor pulling, Ag bike nationals, mower racing, truck show and shine, steam engine displays and every time the steam engine blew its whistle the guys from Echuca were looking for a paddle boat the rest of us were looking for the train tracks.
Pulling was great in the first weight class due to the rain the night before and out making the most of their local track was Madness with a new driver behind the wheel. The day heated up to the low thirty’s and the track changed quite quickly so all teams had to adapt to the ever changing conditions. Another tractor out on the track for the first time in a year or so was Nightmare now all painted it was a sight to see. Little willey was out again to confirm why they are the defending series champions in the super mini modified class, me I was just happy to be on the track for the first time this season having a skid. U Jacks transmission was having blood pressure issues which hindered their pulling all day. Movin on and Stone cold had different drivers for the day but that didn’t affect their performance. Like normal Rotary Hoe was keeping everyone honest.
Again nearly like clockwork that late afternoon storm hit tractor pulling had finished but the events hadn’t with the locals having some dirt/mud drags.
The bushy Park event will be a special reminder to people for many reasons, to some it is a reminder of life changing events, to others it is the enjoyment of the event and the people that was there, to others it is a reminder that you don’t know what is going to happen next so enjoy your selves and stay safe see you at the next pull.